flèu m. fléau. Mistrau, parlament e Durença, son lei tres flèus de Provença prov.

Diccionari Personau e Evolutiu. 2015.

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  • fleu|ry — «FLUR ee», adjective. Heraldry. 1. decorated with fleur de lis. 2. (of a cross) having each arm ending in a fleur de lis, or the upper part of one. Also, flory. ╂[< Old French floure < fleur flower] …   Useful english dictionary

  • fleu — ef·fleu·rage; en·fleu·rage; fleu·ret; fleu·rette; fleu·ret·tée; fleu·ron; fleu·ry; fleu·ret·té; …   English syllables

  • fleu —  washy, tender, weak; a fleu horse, one that will not carry flesh, or be in good order. N …   A glossary of provincial and local words used in England

  • fleu|ret — «flu REHT, FLUR iht», noun. 1. a small flower; floweret. 2. an ornament like a small flower. 3. a light foil used in fencing. ╂[< French fleurette (diminutive) < fleur flower] …   Useful english dictionary

  • fleu|ron — «fler rn», noun. French. a flower shaped ornament, used especially in architectural decoration and on coins, medals, or armor …   Useful english dictionary

  • ef|fleu|rage — «EHF luh RAHZH», noun. (in massaging) gentle, superficial rubbing with the palm of the hand. ╂[< French effleurage < effleurer to graze or to touch] …   Useful english dictionary

  • en|fleu|rage — «ahn fler RAZH», noun. a process of extracting perfumes by exposing odorless oils or fats to the exhalations of particular flowers. ╂[< French enfleurage < enfleurer imbue with scent < en in (< Latin in ) + fleur flower] …   Useful english dictionary

  • fleury — fleu·ry …   English syllables

  • Fleuron — Fleu|ron 〈[ flørɔ̃:] m. 6〉 Blumenornament, als Verzierung am Schluss eines Kapitels im Buchdruck u. als Prägung auf Bucheinbänden * * * Fleu|ron [flø rõ: ], der; s, s [frz. fleuron, zu: fleur = Blume, Blüte]: 1. Blumenverzierung in der Baukunst… …   Universal-Lexikon

  • Fleurist — Fleu|rịst 〈[flø ] m. 16〉 1. Blumenfreund, Blumengärtner 2. Blumenmaler; →a. Florist * * * Fleu|rist [flø rɪst], der; en, en [frz. fleuriste, zu: fleur, ↑Fleur] (veraltet): Blumenfreund, Blumenkenner …   Universal-Lexikon

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